Absolute Removals can help you moving a single item or if you only need a driver and a truck to give you a hand for a small move.

Our Taxi Truck service isa competitive, affordable option if you are only moving few items within Sydney.

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The advantage of using one of our professional removalist with our taxi truck serveice instead of hiring a truck and do the job with a friend, that you will be working with a professional mover, who can easily move items in and out of difficult excesses, rather then damaging for example your beloved furniture or TV with an inexperienced helper.

Advantages of our Taxi Truck Service:

  • A professional mover is helping you with your move.
  • No minimum hourly rate for single item move*
  • Cheaper for short moves then hiring a truck and do it yourself
  • Your item will we moved with the right equipment
  • Items protected during transport
  • Assembly/disassembly available

Furthermore, our trucks are fully equipped with blankets, ropes and tools to ensure the safety of your belongings.

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